Congratulations on becoming a newly naturalised Grenadian citizen! Your journey to achieving a life of greater opportunity and access has begun. As a Grenadian you can now easily access key economic institutions in Grenada, and in the region, as well as access greater economic centres around the world. .

Grenada’s economy is diversified, and is based on key sectors such as tourism, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, transportation and government. To support the continued development of many of these sectors, government offers tax incentives and duty-free concessions to stimulate new business growth. Maybe you’re interested in accessing these incentives and starting a business, or even acquiring an existing one. Maybe you’re interested in establishing a home for you and your family, or even opening a bank account. Maybe your interest might be in applying for an E2 Visa and migrating to the US. Whatever way you desire to design your life using your newly acquired citizenship, Kalypso Marketing offers a suite of solutions and services that allow you to do just that.

  • Business Establishment
  • Company Incorporation
  • Company Acquisition
  • Driver’s License
  • Personal and Business Bank accounts
  • Lease agreements
  • Tax IDs
  • E2 Visa Application

Grenada E2 Visa Application

An E2 Treaty was established between the United States of America and Grenada in March 1989. The treaty allows citizens of Grenada, who invest in a US business, where they own a majority interest, to apply for an E2 Visa. An E2 Visa allows applicants and their spouses to live and work in the US, and their children under age 21, to not only access US education, but qualify for in-state tuition as well. Only citizens of countries with an E2 Treaty are allowed to apply for this type of US Visa. Grenada’s E2 Treaty allows Grenadian citizens to access five-year visas that can be renewed indefinitely.

Kalypso Marketing, through its strategic partnerships, can help newly naturalised Grenadians, invest in proven business models, apply for and access E2 Visas within four months of obtaining Grenadian citizenship. Investment options begin at $225K and increase depending on the business selected. All investments are recoverable over a five-year period and allow visa holders to live in the US without a Green Card and the burden of having to pay Global taxes. Obtaining an E2 Visa can take a little as three months for a Grenadian citizen, and as such provides a much more accelerated pathway to the US than the EB-5 programme.

Interested in learning about the differences between the EB-5 Programme and the US E2 Visa? Download our guideline here. Should you wish to discuss your options further, please contact our office and a representative will respond to you shortly.

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