Six Senses La Sagesse Expected to Bring More Than Rooms To Grenada

Range Developments officially launches its Third Caribbean Resort – Six Senses La Sagesse
September 5, 2019
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October 12, 2019

Six Senses La Sagesse Expected to Bring More Than Rooms To Grenada

When Six Senses La Sagesse opens in Grenada in 2022, the Caribbean island will receive more than 100 luxury rooms. The luxury, wellness resort is expected to transform its local community, as it has done in every country within which it operates.

For 26 years, the renowned wellness brand has operated on a philosophy of sustainability anchored in the balance of three P’s – People, Planet and Profit. The interplay of Six Senses’ commitment to these P’s has manifested itself in the practice of environmental conservation at each resort and in the creation of global sustainability teams that share ideas and experiences for the betterment of all properties.

“When it comes to the planet we will ensure that the project is respectful to the environment, will be lead certified, will be light on earth and will adopt the latest technologies and knowledge to ensure that we give back to the planet,” said Omar Romero, Vice President Developments at Six Senses Hotels and Spa, who spoke on behalf of the brand at the resort’s initiation ceremony.

“We don’t only want to develop successful hotels for ourselves and our partners, but we want to deliver a hotel that contributes to the destination that it operates in,” Romero added.

Besides implementing key practices such composting, recycling, treating, purifying and bottling of water at each resort, each Six Senses resort maintains a sustainability fund that is used to fuel social and environmental projects in communities. The sustainability fund is maintained by the proceeds generated from the sale of water and soft toys, as well as from donations made by guests.

Mohammed Asaria, the Managing Director at Range Developments – the resort’s developer, indicated that Grenada’s Six Senses La Sagesse will be no different. “We will create the exception in St. David,” said Asaria. “Range and Six Senses have agreed on community initiatives, including that one percent of the resorts revenue will be placed in a fund to assist Grenada.”

In addition to the revenue accumulated by the fund, Six Senses La Sagesse will encourage guests to participate in community tourism and will make community service mandatory for all employees – most of whom the company plans to hire locally.

“Range insists to its hotel operating partners that local employment must be maximised, and we have a track record of this. When we opened our hotel in St. Kitts, we started with 93% local employment and this was no accident,” Asaria said.

Range’s employment model is heavily based on community interaction. Interviews are typically held in constituencies, and extensive training is conducted within the country’s hospitality schools. All of these initiatives complement the company’s social responsibility programme, which centres around children, families and entrepreneurs in the communities within which their properties operate.

Six Senses La Sagesse will be the third property developed by Range Developments in the Caribbean as part of a Citizenship by Investment Programme. Shares in the resort are being sold at a price of $220,000 to individuals interested in purchasing a second citizenship from the Caribbean island of Grenada.